I love the transition from summer to fall, there’s so many way to play around with your outfits. It’s a time where rules don’t apply, you can mix boots with shorts, sweaters with sandals and shorts with jackets, the possibilities are endless!

Inspired to shoot a layered transition outfit, I threw on my latest floral romper and military jacket, both pieces from H&M and snapped some pics of the look. You can have a lot of fun with this look, for an even more edgier casual feel, instead of booties try it with high top converse sneakers.

Dileiny is wearing: Romper & Jacket by H&M/ Sunnies by RayBan/ Booties by Crown Vintage/ Necklace by Banana Republic

Mural by Rubin415

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Portofino, Riviera Italiana

We are loving exploring this summer!

On our Europe trip this summer we made a pit stop in Portofino, Italy. Portofino is a tiny adorable fishing village located along the shore on the Italian Riviera. The village is really small and all of the buildings are painted in various shades of pink, yellow and coral making a walk in the town vivid and beautiful. We walked the entire area within a few hours and stopped on the pier where there were great places to shop and eat.  If you love to walk, indulge in yummy gelato, wine and of course shop, I highly suggest to stop in Portofino on your visit to Italy. The village is definitely for the more laid back crowd, a nice stop to relax and take in the moment.

I shot a few pics, check them out!



Côte d’Azur

Can you guys tell we love to travel yet? Aside from fashion this is our sister passion! No we aren’t rich by any means but when you love something, you make it happen!

We had the opportunity to visit the beaches in the South of France this summer, so we took it! In Southern France we went to Monaco and St. Tropez where we visited two private beaches.  One in Cap d’ail called La Reserve de la Mala and the other located in St. Tropez called Eden Plage.

The water when you step in it is crystal clear but from a distance it’s got that beautiful Mediterranean shade of dark turquoise. The green mountains floating in the water, the yachts docked close by, made my view jaw dropping. Did I mention the vibe? Beautiful people everywhere, great music, delicious food and rosé (what more could you ask for).

Visiting the French Riviera is a must when visiting Europe in the summer (especially if you’re single). Definetly get your worksouts in because the bathing suits are close to non existent!  I’d never seen so many successful, well dressed, attractive people in my whole life and I live in NYC.

Check out my amazing snaps!


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Mid Summers Dream White Party

The Wicked Pink was pleased to be invited and a part of the 2nd annual Mid Summers Dream White Party hosted by Rose Gange & Helen Guzman. The event is a gathering for chefs, bakers and foodies to showcase some of their specialty dishes and sweet treats. The Wicked Pink was there to sip bubbly, indulge in some tasty delights and enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon with some dope beats by DJ Loud One. Mid Summers Dream was held at Henley, a Vape Bar in Soho, in their super chill open air patio.

These two were an amazing team! The treats were to die for and the events design was extremely detailed. We heard the paper flowers that covered the walls took 2 hours to make 5! Just imagine how many flowers it took to cover the walls, these girl put in work!

Our favorite treat of the day was a coconut martini garnished with a mini coconut donut. We ate a few more than we should have, don’t judge, but they were heavenly!

Aside from eating some yummy food by Chef Chez Apa, drinking and lounging, we got to rock our favorite whites!

I wore this off white dainty ruffled dress by BCBG, my dress kind of resembled layers on a cake, thought it was fitting attire! I paired the dress with gladiator flats by Steve Madden, to give it a more casual vibe. Michelle wore this really cute poufy skirt by H&M with adorable chunky summer heels by Chinese Laundry.

Check out snaps from the event, the design, the food and what we wore!

This photo was taken by @johnnyutahx

This photo was taken by @johnnyutahx

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We had the opportunity of meeting Miss Meagan Ollari, an up and coming designer from New Jersey making waves in the Fashion World here in NYC. Not only did we get a chance to meet her, she invited us to her fabulous apartment in Astoria and we played dress up with our favorite pieces in her collection!

Our friends at Salon Hecho, in the Lower East Side were so gracious to let us shoot in the collection. The pieces are absolutely incredible, feminine, edgy & bold!

Where did your inspirations come from to design the line? My inspirations for my designs are derived from literally anything and everything around me. Motifs, architecture, art, people, and my travels naturally inspire me…. different cultures especially. This particular collection [SS2015] was inspired by my love for the 60’s MOD era intertwined with African-esc motifs. I incorporated ethnic beadwork and embroidery into breezy silhouettes from the 60’s and 70’s.

For whom did you design this line? What kind of woman? My niche is women ages 18-35. She is confident, outgoing, independent and sensuous. The Ollari woman is eccentric and daring. She works hard and plays harder. My woman embodies many of the same characteristics as do I; and as I always say, I essentially design for myself. It’s easy to capture the essence of whom I design for when I am the visionary, living the life and wearing the collections.

What is your own personal style? If you had to title your style, what would you call it? To be honest, my personal style is ALL over the place! I would call it “Chameleon Chic”. It’s super interchangeable depending on my mood (which changes a lot!). I love to dress up some days in a super feminine look then be a complete tomboy vibe the next.

Where can we shop your line? Once my shipments arrive, you will be able to purchase my collections off of my website www.Ollari.com. I am also participating in a few popup shops in the NYC area in the upcoming months so anyone can shop my collection on-location! In addition, I am working toward getting my line into various department stores and contemporary boutiques. Ultimately, I plan on selling my collections in exclusive Ollari boutiques nationwide as well as international locations.

What celebrity do you identify with most style wise? Good question, hmmm I would have to say a mixture of both Beyoncé and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I identify with Beyoncé’s curve-hugging silhouette choices and ability to mix it up from casual to class and sass . I can also identify with the Olsen twins’ boho-chic vibe.


Here’s the beautiful, talented super woman behind the collection!


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Shop: Ollari

Photos shot at: Salon Hecho

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You, Me & Capri

On my trip to Amalfi, I knew I couldn’t visit without stopping at the island of Capri. Before visiting, I did my research on Capri the island was referred to as “magical” and even “mythical.” Ancient tales claim that the island was enchanted and housed beautiful mermaids.

We took a private boat tour to Capri that left from Praino, the tour company was La Boa, they hosted an exceptional experience. For 60 Euros we had a 10 hour excursion that stopped in Capri, we experienced the entire coast by boat also made several stops to dock and swim at sea.

When we docked and stepped foot on the island the smell of fresh flowers circled the air, the colors poured right before your eyes, the larger than life rocks climbed out of the water, the sound of seagulls right above our heads, I knew this island was a slice of heaven. The high end shops, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Giorgio Armani & Prada play a little part in the islands enchantment. I even came across a picture of Jay-Z & Beyoncé at one of the restaurant windows.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see any mermaids on my visit to Capri but I definitely felt the magical energy flowing through the island.

The pictures below are of the boat ride and the amazingness that is the Island of Capri.

Ti Amo Positano!

“Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before” – Dali Lama

I read that quote a few years ago and I’ve truly lived by it.  I visit some place new once a year and if possible, I take the opportunity to try twice. With that said I’ve been to a few places but I’ve never seen anything quite like the Amalfi Coast in Italy. I took a test on Facebook, “What is your souls nationality?” and the results were “Italian” so perhaps my soul is bias, but I fell in love with this part of the world.

The water is beautifully colored, deep dark turquoise contrasting against very green mountains that are wrapped in white houses. Nature is in every blink, the sky, the sea, the flowers, the trees, the mountains, the rocks, the sand, the sun, every home is being engulfed by vines sprouting these pink-purple flowers.

The Italians with their wonderful accents and golden skin, their delicious food, their warm homes, their refreshing wine. It’s paradise in every sense of the word.  I tried to capture the best place on earth but my pictures don’t even do it justice, the pictures below were taken in Amalfi, Positano & Furore, Italy.

Everyone must go at least once in their lifetime, I will certainly return.

Dileiny is wearing: Hat by JCrew/ Sunnies by Forever2/ Romper by Forever21

London Town II

London is one of the prettiest cities I have visited, amazing structures live at almost every corner, with colorful flowers painting most windows and the women, oh so chic! I sat at Caffé Nero and people watched, I only had a short time there but I could have sat there for hours. I was mostly intrigued by the women, they’re the epitome of effortless fashion, with flowing skirts and pretty printed dresses. I was really inspired by their femininity.

After the Caffé, I strolled over to the shopping strip where Harrods stands on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, a really cool building embodying a very old school British feel. I stopped in at Harrod’s and a few others on the strip and of course bought myself a printed dress, and a skirt.

Our host made reservation for us on Sunday to a “Sunday Roast” at Windsor Castle. A Sunday Roast is a British tradition which has a thanksgiving vibe to it. We feasted on roasted meat, veggies, potatoes and gravy and recoup from the weekend.


Dileiny is wearing: Top by American Apparel/ Skirt by Zara/ Necklace by JCrew/ Shoes by Steve Madden/ Bag by The Gap


London Town

I visited London for a weekend, and stayed with a friend in his lovely apartment. Soon as we got in, we hit the tube and went to the tourist attractions. Luckily for anyone visiting London, the West Minster stop from High Street, Kensington leaves you near a few big London sights. We jumped off the Underground on West Minster and immediately walked out to The London Eye & Big Ben, a few blocks away the Horse Guards.

My outfit for sight seeing in London was this cool militant green over lay, I wore it over a cropped tank and shorts.

Dileiny is wearing: Top by Forever 21/ Shorts by Old Navy/ Bag by The Gap/ Necklace by Jcrew/ Sandals by Steve Madden